ICIDS Art Exhibition: "Remembering/Forgetting"

The ICIDS conference series has a long-standing tradition of bringing together theoretical and practical approaches in an interdisciplinary dialogue. Starting from ICIDS 2013, the conference has included a curated art exhibition. This year, the exhibition will be held from 2-5 November 2014 at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The exhibition will take place in the ArtScience Galleries (Level 4). The gallery will be open to the public, and admission is free. The art exhibition will be held in parallel with the academic conference, which runs from 3-6 November at the National University of Singapore.

Accepted works

  • Bang! (details)
    Lindsay Grace
    Bang Bang Bang
  • Civilian Analogs of Army Tasks (details)
    Andrew S. Gordon, Catherine Wang, Matt Bosack, and Jessa Sininger
    Civilian Civilian
  • daddylabyrinth: a digital lyric memoir (details)
    Steven Wingate
    daddylabyrinth daddylabyrinth daddylabyrinth
  • Forgetting (details)
    Troy Chin
    Forgetting Forgetting Forgetting
  • From the Tables of My Memorie (details)
    Nick Montfort
    Memorie Memorie
  • Grief On-line (details)
    Maisoon Al Saleh
  • Imagine with me (details)
    Pranoy Guduru
    Imagine with me
  • Special Treatment Project (details)
    Geoffrey Allen Baum, Ben Chang, Todd Margolis, Keith Miller, Ellen Sandor
    Special Treatment Project Special Treatment Project Special Treatment Project
  • The Wall of Us (details)
    Spang & Lei, Vitor Freire
    The Wall of Us The Wall of Us
  • Tracing the Decay of Fiction: Encounters with a Film by Pat O’Neill (2002) (details)
    Pat O’Neill, Rosemary Comella, Kristy H.A. Kang, Marsha Kinder and The Labyrinth Project.
    Tracing the Decay of Fiction Tracing the Decay of Fiction
  • Viewpoints AI (details)
    Brian Magerko, Mikhail Jacob
    Viewpoints AI Viewpoints AI
  • You (details)
    Lindsay Grace
    You You You You