Curatorial theme: "Remembering/Forgetting"

Remembering/forgetting can refer to how we remember ways of telling stories in old or traditional media (oral storytelling, written stories, theatre, comics, radio, television, film), and how, when we start working with a new medium, our memories of older media influence the ways that we tell, experience and understand stories in the new medium. At some point we need to try to forget these old ways of telling and experiencing, so that we can learn new ways of telling and experiencing stories particular to the affordances of the new medium. Perhaps there is a need for selective remembering and forgetting, as we learn the strengths of a new medium and carry across what still works from older media.

Remembering/forgetting can also refer to personal storytelling: how we use stories to remember and to recreate our past experiences, and to selectively forget what we don't want to recall. Urban and online spaces are sites of tension between old and new, with stories constantly being (re)created as history is paved over, upgraded, and erased. This tension also exists in national and cultural narratives, which often rewrite or erase some perspectives on history while reinforcing others.

The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage artists to explore storytelling at the boundaries of old and new media, and to investigate ways of remembering/forgetting how to tell stories in various media, with a focus on exploring new ways to tell and experience stories unique to computational media, and how old ways of telling and experiencing stories can be made new, or remediated, in new media. Artists are also encouraged to reflect upon the exhibition's location in Singapore, at the meeting point of different cultures and of the old and the new.