Story Modelling and Authoring

Organizers: Ulrike Spierling, Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden, Germany and Alex Mitchell, National University of Singapore

When and where: 2pm to 5:30pm, Seminar Room 3

Intended audience: Researchers, engineers and creators in the area of Interactive Storytelling

Details: The complexity of interactive storytelling technologies often requires the use of story generation architectures and authoring tools, which may embody specific models for thinking about storytelling. These models can both empower and constrain authors. On the other hand, interactive narrative creators may design their own engine-independent conceptual models to craft and write story content. This workshop seeks to address the interdisciplinary issue of story modeling and authoring within the interactive story conceptualization and creation process.

Contributions are sought in the form of informal position papers (1-4 pages) and/or short informal presentations. These contributions will form the basis for discussions about the impact of story models and architectures on the authoring process and its results, the relationship between narrative models and engines/tools, potential comparison of models, and the ways in which these models can be made visible and accessible to non-technical authors.

Contributions received before 26 September (note the extended deadline) will be reviewed for inclusion in the workshop, and notifications will be sent out by 29 September. Accepted contributions will be made available to registered participants before the workshop. Potential publication will be discussed.

Note that you do not need to submit a position paper or prepare a presentation to take part in the workshop, although you are encouraged to do so. We invite anyone with an interest in this topic to attend the workshop and take part in the discussion.

Please contact Ulrike at the address below to indicate your interest and/or submit a contribution.

Contact information: Ulrike Spierling,

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