Managing Informational Interactive Digital Storytelling Projects

Organizer: Deborah Elizabeth Cohen, Gyeongju University

When and where: 9am to 12:30pm, Seminar Room 2

Intended audience: It is anticipated that this interdisciplinary workshop will be of interest to the participant interested in the design and development of informational interactive digital stories as a manager, artist, writer, programmer and/or academic.

Details: This workshop will provide a roadmap for people interested in best practices for managing the design and development of informational interactive digital storytelling projects. It will consist of a half-day participatory tutorial including an introduction to the informational interactive digital storytelling life cycle and affiliated processes and deliverables. Come learn about project management methodology and how it applies to managing the design processes intrinsic to developing informational interactive digital stories.

Please contact Elizabeth at the address below to indicate your interest.

Contact Information: Dr. D. Elizabeth Cohen,


Important Dates

  • November 2-5, 2014: ICIDS Art Exhibition.
  • November 3-6, 2014: ICIDS Conference.