Future Perspectives for Interactive Digital Narrative

Organizers: Hartmut Koenitz, University of Georgia; Mads Haahr, Trinity College, Dublin; Gabriele Ferri, Indiana University; Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen, Istanbul Bilgi University; and Digdem Sezen, Istanbul University

When and where: 2pm to 5:30pm, Seminar Room 2

Intended audience: We invite a broad variety of participants to this workshop, including researchers, professionals, artists, publishers and critics. Our aim is to assemble a wide range of perspectives, in order to imagine future scenarios for our field that take into account the highest number of points of view.

Details: After more than 25 years of fruitful research, starting with Brenda Laurel's 1986 PhD thesis, and productive practice in interactive digital narrative, it is a good time to consider future directions amid a maturing research field and a growing market for narrative-based interactive media. The Games & Narrative group invites participants to discuss ongoing issues as well successful methods and projects with us. On this foundation the workshop will enter into a phase of "futuring" - productive speculation - how will IDN look like in 5, 10, 25 or even 50 years? In addition to this, we will also take this opportunity to debate concrete initiatives, like joint research proposals, exploratory projects, forums for interdisciplinary dialogue, a central repository for projects or an academic/professional organization. The results of the workshop will be made available on the Games & Narrative website.

Please contact Hartmut at the address below to indicate your interest.

Contact information: Hartmut Koenitz, futureworkshop2014@gamesandnarrative.net

For more information: http://gamesandnarrative.net/icids-2014-workshop/


Important Dates

  • November 2-5, 2014: ICIDS Art Exhibition.
  • November 3-6, 2014: ICIDS Conference.