• Alex Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Department of Communications and New Media.

Graduate students

  • Dennis Ang, PhD student. Difficulty in Video Games: Understanding the Effects of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Video Games on Player Experience.
  • Kway Liting, MA student. Emotional Agency in Interactive Storytelling.
  • Tiffany Neo, PhD student. Interactivity and Storytelling in Comics.
  • Sim Yuin Theng, MA student. Non-verbal storytelling in games.
  • Kenneth Tan, MA student. Irreversibility in Narrative Games.

Honours thesis

  • Teo Geng Hao, Designing for Engagement: Incorporating Gamification in Digital Applications.
  • Brandon Lee, Beyond Defamiliarization: Designing Meaning-Making in Videogames.
  • Jo-Ann Ng, Interactive Art in Museums: Distraction or Delight.
  • Johann Yamin, Indeterminate Interactivities: Narratives of Artist and Internet in Singapore Art Histories.

Independent Study

  • Goh Xin Ying, An Analytical Study of Videogames About Depression.


Graduate students

Honours thesis

  • Chen Junni, Communicating Histories in Singapore: The Question of Form.
  • Chen Xingyu, Are we on the same page?: Exploring the influence of different outlines on writing behaviours for collaborative storytelling.
  • Lee Jia Ying Trena, Filling in the Gaps: "Shell" Playable Characters in Games.
  • Kway Liting, You're Not as Bad as Everyone Says You Are: Emotional Agency in Interactive Storytelling.
  • Tiffany Neo, Beyond the Gutter: Hypertextual Interactivity in Comics.
  • Grace Ng, Undermining the Tale: Fictional Heterarchy in the Undertale Fandom.
  • Roe Curie, Unreliable Narrators and Agency in Interactive Storytelling.
  • Muhammad Sufyan B Selamet, Supporting the Usage of Digital Applications Through Playful Micro-Interactions.

Independent study

  • Foong Pin Sym, Are Existing Dementia Engagement Behavioural Scales Valid and Sufficient for Measuring Digital Engagement?
  • Mabel Chan, Investigating Storytelling Structures in Forum Roleplay.
  • Devangini Patel, Exploring Proactive Actions for an AI Assistant to Collaborate in a Creative Design Task
  • Sim Jiajin, Inclusiveness and game mechanics.
  • Wei Jin Jin, Interactivity and Creative Choices In Interactive Narrative Films.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

  • Chen Xingyu, Fragments: Asynchronous Collaborative Storytelling.
  • Sim Jiajin, Fragments: Asynchronous Collaborative Storytelling.
  • Tan Ying Ling, Improv Writing: Synchronous Collaborative Storytelling.

Research staff

  • Benedict Lee, junior research assistant. HypeDyn 2, Fragments: Asynchronous Collaborative Storytelling.
  • Cheong Kahou, undergraduate researcher. Kwento: Supporting Mediated Family Storytelling for Migrant Workers.
  • Chuah Teong Leong, research engineer. HypeDyn, Travel Teller
  • Tan Shao Han, research assistant. Computer-Mediated Creative Collaboration.
  • You Yingdan, research assistant. Travel Teller