Accepted Contributions

This year the review process was extremely selective and many good papers could not be accepted for the final program. Altogether, we received 67 submissions (42 full papers, 20 short papers and 5 demonstrations). Out of the 42 submitted full papers, the program committee selected only 12 submissions for presentation and publication as full papers, which corresponds to an acceptance rate of less than 29% for full papers. In addition, we accepted 8 submissions as short papers, 7 submissions as posters, and 5 submissions as demonstrations.

The full proceedings are available on SpringerLink (subscription required).

Full Papers

  • Storytelling with Adjustable Narrator Styles and Sentiments (abstract)
    Boyang Li, Mohini Thakkar, Yijie Wang, and Mark Riedl
  • Combinatorial Dialogue Authoring (abstract)
    James Owen Ryan, Casey Barackman, Nicholas Kontje, Taylor Owen-Milner, Marilyn Walker, Michael Mateas, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin
  • Diegetization: an approach for narrative scaffolding in open-world simulations for training (abstract)
    Kevin Carpenter and Domitile Lourdeaux
  • Authoring Personalized Interactive Museum Stories (abstract)
    Maria Vayanou, Akrivi Katifori, Manos Karvounis, Vassilis Kourtis, Marialena Kyriakidi, Maria Roussou, Manolis Tsangaris, Yannis Ioannidis, Olivier Balet, Thibaut Prados, Jens Keil, Timo Engelke, Laia Pujol
  • An Authoring Tool for Movies in the Style of Heider and Simmel (abstract)
    Andrew Gordon and Melissa Roemmele
  • Exploring Performative Authoring as a Story Creation Approach for Children (abstract)
    Sharon Lynn Chu, Francis Quek and Kumar Sridharamurthy
  • Remain Anonymous, Create Characters & Backup Stories: Online Tools Used In Internet Crime Narratives (abstract)
    Andreas Zingerle
  • Objective Metrics for Interactive Narrative (abstract)
    Nicolas Szilas and Ioana Ilea
  • The PC3 Framework: A Formal Lens for Analyzing Interactive Narratives Across Media Forms (abstract)
    Brian Magerko
  • Storytelling Artifacts (abstract)
    Toke Krainert
  • Narrative Cognition in Interactive Systems: Suspense -Surprise and the P300 ERP Component (abstract)
    Luis Emilio Brun, Sarune Baceviciute, and Mohammed Arief
  • Ontology–based visualization of characters’ intentions (abstract)
    Vincenzo Lombardi and Antonio Pizzo

Short Papers

  • Interweaving Story Coherence and Player Creativity through Story-making Games (abstract)
    Mirjam Eladhari, Phil Lopes, and Georgios Yannakakis
  • Towards a Hermeneutic Narratology of Interactive Digital Storytelling (abstract)
    Fanfan Chen
  • Five Theses for Interactive Digital Narrative (abstract)
    Hartmut Koenitz
  • Fleeing the Operator: The User Experience and Participation in Marble Hornets (2009-2014) (abstract)
    Devin Hartley
  • Mapping Trends in Interactive Non-fiction through the Lenses of Interactive Documentary (abstract)
    Arnau Gifreu
  • Interactive cinema: Engagement and interaction (abstract)
    Mirjam Vosmeer and Ben Schouten
  • Interactive storytelling in a Mixed Reality Environment: How does sound design and users’ preknowledge of the background story influence the user experience (abstract)
    Marija Nakevska, Mathias Funk, Jun Hu, Berry Eggen, Matthias Rauterberg
  • Structuring Location-Aware Interactive Narratives for Mobile Augmented Reality (abstract)
    Ulrike Spierling and Antonia Kampa


  • Fictional Realities: Augmenting Location-Based Stories Through Interaction with Pervasive Displays (abstract)
    Xiao Yang and Martin Tomitsch
  • Comparison of narrative comprehension between players and spectators in a story-driven game (abstract)
    Miki Anthony, Byung-Chull Bae, and Yun-Gyung Cheong
  • Moral values in narrative characters: an experiment in the generation of moral emotions. (abstract)
    Cristina Battaglino, Rossana Damiano and Vincenzo Lombardo
  • Three is a Magic Number: Virtual Cameras for Dynamic Triadic Game Dialogue (abstract)
    Bingjie Xue and Stefan Rank
  • AR as Digital Ekphrasis: The Example of Borsuk and Bouse’s Between Page and Screen (abstract)
    Robert Fletcher
  • Appraisal of Emotions from Resources (abstract)
    Yathirajan Brammadesam Manavalan and Vadim Bulitko
  • A Little Goat Builds the World - an Interactive Children Story for Tablets (abstract)
    Kamil Kamysz and Marcin Wichrowski


  • CHESS: Personalized Storytelling Experiences in Museums (abstract)
    Akrivi Katifori, Maria Vayanou, Jens Keil, Timo Engelke, Manos Karvounis, Marialena Kyriakidi, Yannis Ioannidis, Maria Roussou, Olivier Balet, Thibaut Prados, Vassilis Kourtis, Manolis Tsangaris, Laia Pujol
  • Unfinished Business - A Transmedia Project (abstract)
    Ana Carolina von Hertwig
  • A Storytelling Game with Metaphor (abstract)
    Andreas Kuni, Byung-Chull Bae, and Yun-Gyung Cheong
  • K-Sketch: Digital Storytelling with Animation Sketches (abstract)
    Richard Davis, Camellia Zakaria
  • Telling stories via the gameplay reflecting a player character’s inner states (abstract)
    Achim Wache, Byung-Chull Bae, Yun-Gyung Cheong, and Daniel Vella

Academic conference program

Important Dates

  • November 2-5, 2014: ICIDS Art Exhibition.
  • November 3-6, 2014: ICIDS Conference.