Getting the source

HypeDyn is Open Source Software. HypeDyn is released under the GNU GPL (General Public License) version 2. The HypeDyn source is available on GitHub here.

To work with the HypeDyn source, you first need to install Kawa as described here.

Running from source

MacOS: in a terminal, go into src/hypedyn, and type "kawa runhypedyn.scm -testing" and press enter.

Windows: make sure lib\AppleJavaExtensions.jar is in your classpath, then in a command prompt go into src\hypedyn, and type "java kawa.repl runhypedyn.scm" and press enter.

Linux: make sure lib/AppleJavaExtensions.jar is in your classpath, then in a terminal go into src/hypedyn, and type "kawa runhypedyn.scm" and press enter.

Building from source

HypeDyn includes an Ant buildfile. To build from source, you need to have Ant installed. Once you have Ant installed, you can change to the build directory, and type 'ant' to build the executable for your current platform. This will build the standard HypeDyn distribution in the bin directory.

To build the distribution, you will also need to install the Launch4j wrapper, which is used to bundle the HypeDyn jar file on Windows, and appBundler if you are building on MacOS.

The buildfile assumes that your Kawa .jar file is in /usr/local/share/java/, and is named kawa-2.0.jar. These defaults are specified in the "" file, and can be overridden. Make a copy of the file " template" and rename it "", and change the settings as required. You will also need to specify where you have installed appBundler and Launch4j.

These properties may also be specified on the command line. For example, if you are building on Windows, your Kawa installation is in C:\kawa, and your Kawa jar file is named kawa.jar, you can build using:

ant -Dkawa.dir=C:\kawa -Dbase.kawa.jar=kawa.jar