"Closure is, as in any fiction, a suspect quality, although here it is made manifest. When the story no longer progresses, or when it cycles, or when you tire of the paths, the experience of reading ends... There is no simple way to say this." (Michael Joyce, afternoon: a story)

Fragments is a collection of short hypertext fictions written by students in NM3222 Interactive Storytelling. Created using the HypeDyn authoring tool, these works represent explorations of narrative, agency and play, investigating the nature of story and the role of the reader/writer in electronic literature.

- Stories -


"A Cafe Encounter" [read]
(Kevin Seet)
"A Night to Remember" [read]
(Keith Chia)
"Redemption" [read]
(Lim Jim Kai Chia)


"Adam" [read]
(Marcus Cheong Wai Keong)
"A Thought of Home" [read]
(Victor Chua Fu Kuan)
"Timeless Sarah" [read]
(Tiffany Neo Yu Han)

"A Grand Day Out" [read]
(David Cheah)


"Entanglement", by Samuel Heng [ read ]
"Grief", by Lim Teng Howe [ read ]
"Chekhov's Gun", by Praveen Sudalaimuthu Namasivayam [ read ]
"The Geisha", by Tan Jue Ying Sherilyn [ read ]
"Affair De Coeur", by Pongdhana Carmen [ read ]
"The Assassination", by Xavier Lim Xiang Ying [ read ]
"THEY ARE COMING", by Samuel Heng [ read ]


"The Emperor's Guide to the Galactic Empire" by Kua Yong Ern Shane [ read ]
"No Turning Back", by Kow Wei Man [ read ]
"Mirror, Mirror", by Kua Yong Ern Shane [ read ]
"Two Sides", by Lye Zhi Le Gifford Justin [ read ]

These stories were originally exhibited at Random Blends.

The stories in this collection are the property of the individual authors.

Created using HypeDyn.

Additional credits:
Background image for "Adam" by Sim Chun You, used by permission of the artist. Image for "A Thought of Home" is in the public domain. Background image for "A Cafe Encounter" from Background images for "A Night to Remember": lawn image from; office and house images from Flickr Commons; hospital image by Adam Kop, used by permission of the artist. Background image for "Redemption" from