HypeDyn is copyright (c) 2008-2019 National University of Singapore.

Ruchi Bajoria, Benedict Lee, Chuah Teong Leong, Alex Mitchell and Zeng Qiang.

Kevin McGee, Kow Wei Man, Tim Merritt, Lim Teng Howe, Lim Teng Chek, Shane Kua, and students of NM2217 and NM3222.

HypeDyn 1

Built using Kawa:
Copyright (C) Per Bothner, 1996-2015
Used under X11/MIT license.

Some portions of this application are based on:

Graph Editor
Copyright (C) Peter Ivanyi, 2007
Used under GNU GPL.

Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm
Public domain.

Export code from Processing
from and
Used under GNU GPL.

iScroll v4.1.9 ~ Copyright (c) 2011 Matteo Spinelli,
Released under MIT license,

Page flipping based on
used with permission of the author

The following libraries are bundled with the software:

HypeDyn 2

See the HypeDyn 2 Github page for details.


This work was funded in part under a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore startup grant "Authoring Paradigms and Representation in Interactive Storytelling Tools".

This work was funded in part under a Singapore Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund Faculty Research Committee (Tier 1) research grant, "Understanding Interactivity: Experimental Studies contributing to an applied formal theory of interactive digital media", NUS AcRF Grant R-124-000-024-112.

This work was funded in part under a Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab research grant, "Tools for Telling: How Game Development Systems Shape Interactive Storytelling."