AIS'20 will be held on 3 November 2020 from 1-7pm (GMT) online as part of ICIDS 2020.

Tentative schedule (to be confirmed):

1.00-1.30Arrival, Welcome, and Introduction
1.30-2.25Lightning talks 1
Authors and Process
- Sofia Kitromili, "Tools make it possible authors make it real"
- Mark Bernstein, "The Authoring Problem Is A Publishing Problem"
- Maria Cecilia Reyes, "From the Imagined Storyworld to IDNs: In-depth Interview with Authors"
- Ulrike Spierling, "Authoring Issues in Narrative Digital Interactive"

Building Blocks + Visualisation
- David Millard, "The Pattern Pattern"
- John T. Murray and Anastasia Salter, "Visualizing Your Story: Seeing Content using Interactive Digital Narrative Authoring Tools"
- David Thue, "Getting Creative with Actions"
2.25-2.35short break
2.35-3.30Lightning talks 2
Emergent Narrative
- Quinn Kybartas, "Quantitative Evaluation of Emergent Narrative for Authors"
- Max Kreminski, Michael Mateas and Noah Wardrip-Fruin, "Authoring for Curationist Emergent Narrative"

- Tom Abba, "Choose Your Own Adventure is a Dead-end"
- Alex Mitchell, "Writing for Replay: Supporting the Authoring of Kaleidoscopic Interactive Stories"
- Steven Wingate, "The Everyone/No One Problem: A Fictionist Dreams of Authoring Tools"

Scholarship and Practice
- Charlie Hargood and Daniel Green, "The Authoring Tool Evaluation Problem"
- Hartmut Koenitz, "Authoring as if Interactive Narratives Mattered: Considering the Ethical Dimension"
3.30-4.30"Coffee" break
4.30-5.15Proposal Q&A
5.15-6.45Discussion on book structure and content
6.45-7.00Closing thoughts