Call for Proposals

Authoring for Interactive Storytelling 2020 (AIS'20)

Workshop to be held in conjunction with ICIDS 2020, Bournemouth

Note that ICIDS 2020 will be a fully virtual conference, and AIS'20 will be a fully virtual workshop. Details of the announcement of the switch to a virtual conference can be found here.

This call for participation is seeking submitted proposals and attendance at the Authoring for Interactive Storytelling workshop held at ICIDS 2020 in Bournemouth. In contrast to previous years we are this year not seeking short research papers but extended abstracts as proposals for chapters in a new edited volume titled "The Authoring Problem". This volume aims to identify and catalogue the scale of the research and practical challenges in the issue of authorship for Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN). Chapters will explore these challnges, work undertaken to address them and new progress made, relevant case studies, relevant methodologies and pipelines, and new research questions raised by these issues within our space as appropriate. Selected abstracts will be presented and discussed at the workshop and collective debate will seek to form a consensus on the structure for the volume as well as what it should include. We are in discussions with Springer regarding the proposed book, although the proposal has not yet been accepted for publication.

Proposals should take the form of an extended abstract. This should be a 2 page long document in Springer LNCS format briefly summarising your proposal for a key issue in IDN authorship that you think should become a chapter in the book. The proposals will not be traditionally peer reviewed but rather reviewed for their appropriateness and relevance by the workshop organisers (who will be acting as editors for the volume) and selected abstracts will be invited for presentation at the workshop and publication on the workshop website. Submissions should be sent to by midnight (AoE) on 13th September, 2020.

Important Dates:

  • 13th 20th September (note revised date): Proposals Due
  • 20th 25th September (note revised date): Notification of selection
  • 3rd November: Workshop


  • Alex Mitchell - National University of Singapore
  • Ulrike Spierling - Hochschule RheinMain
  • Charlie Hargood - Bournemouth University
  • David Millard - University of Southampton


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the organisers at