Attending the Workshop

AIS'20 will be held as part of ICIDS 2020. Details of ICIDS 2020 can be found here.

Note that ICIDS 2020 will be a fully virtual conference, and AIS'20 will be a fully virtual workshop. Details of the announcement of the switch to a virtual conference can be found here.

Workshop Description

Authoring, its tools, processes, and design challenges remains a key issue for the Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN) research community and this year for the AIS workshop series we will be taking the conversation a step further than we have previously. We propose to form an edited volume titled "The Authoring Problem" - this book will collect together perspectives from the ICIDS community on the challenges facing IDN authorship research. This might include the significance of the problem of designing and developing tools for IDN authors, how challenges manifest in the authoring process itself, the potential solutions and approaches as well as their potential impact on resulting work, and how solutions might be evaluated. We are in discussions with Springer regarding the proposed book, although the proposal has not yet been accepted for publication.

This year's AIS workshop will be used as a starting point for a discussion on this volume - we invite you, our community, to submit proposals in the form of extended abstracts that capture your key perspectives as active researchers in the field on "The Authoring Problem" as you see it. Authors of selected abstracts will later be invited to expand their proposals into chapters, either individually or in collaboration with authors of other similar abstracts, as we build the volume.

During the workshop we will hold short talks from selected abstract authors explaining what they see as a key issue in this area. These will be followed by moderated collective discussion as we seek to consolidate these ideas into chapters for the volume and to identify gaps that need to be addressed. In addition to providing a forum for debating these abstracts we will also be discussing what the grand challenges in this domain actually are, to help steer and scope the proposed edited volume.

AIS will act as a focal point for this community to both share new emerging work on authoring tools but specifically this year also to consolidate the research in this field and work towards establishing this volume as a key text in identifying the scale of the problem in front of us in terms of pushing IDN authorship forwards.

We invite extended abstracts on the following topics, however you should not feel limited by this as the scope of this volume should be determined by the community.

  • Authoring Tool Design
  • Authoring Tool Evaluation Methodologies
  • Authoring Processes
  • Models of Authorship
  • Authoring for Mixed Reality Narratives
  • Collaborative Authoring
  • Multi-modal Authoring Technology
  • Authorship and Game Design
  • Ethnographic Studies of Authorship
  • Experiential Accounts of IDN Authorship