AIS'17 will be held on 14 November 2017, in an as of yet unspecified room in the Vida Mar Resort Madeira.

2.00-2.10Arrival, Welcome, and Introduction
2.10-3.30Presentation Session 1
- Ingibergur Sindri Stefnisson and David Thue - Authoring Tools should be Mixed-initiative Systems
- Hartmut Koenitz - Three Questions Concerning Authoring Tools
- Swen E. Gaudl - Agile Behaviour Design: A Design Approach for Structuring Game Characters and Interactions
- Mark Bernstein - Thoughts On Some Moral Question Concerning Story In Hypertext Narrative
4.00-4.40Presentation Session 2
- Samuel Lynch, Charlie Hargood, and Fred Charles - Textual Authoring for Interactive Narrative
- David E. Millard, Charlie Hargood, Yvonne Howard, and Heather Packer - The StoryPlaces Authoring Tool: Pattern Centric Authoring
4.40-5.30Unconference/Discussion Session (until close)